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Decorate Your Home With Rustic Oak Furniture

Rustic Oak Furniture is one of the best choices to furnishing your new home in an elegant style. It is very popular in these days because of its natural look that brings the natural and peaceful feeling of a rural setting into a home. The wood quality makes this furniture range very heavy, durable and long lasting. Rustic Oak Furniture features a traditional and classic style that would complement any decor and make a welcome addition to any type of home.

Why People Buy Rustic Oak Furniture

People buy rustic oak furniture for many reasons. Some people buy for the natural look that rustic oak furniture brings to any furniture item. Its natural look and classic style brings a warm and soothing atmosphere into any room or home. Others love the quality of the wood and how with a little care and attention any rustic oak furniture item will last for decades.
Some smart people buy it for all these reasons because they know buying furniture is a big investment that gives great value in the long term.

Different Rustic Oak Furniture Ranges

Rustic oak furniture comes in many shapes, sizes and for different needs. This smart and traditional furniture emanates a classic and trendy appearance. You can choose different furniture items for different rooms like bedroom, dining room, living room or backyard etc.

Rustic Oak Bedroom Furniture

This range comes with a lot of stylish accessories apart from the bed. They include dressing tables, chest of drawers, beside table, wardrobe, cabinets, chairs and tables. Each furniture item provides you full durability and you can make your bedroom look extremely elegant.

Rustic Oak Dining Furniture

You can give your dining area a country feels with Rustic Oak Dining range. This range includes dining tables, dining chairs, display cabinet, trolleys and drawers etc. If you decorate dining area with a rustic theme, you get the feel of eating each meal in nature.

Rustic Oak Living Room Furniture

The beautiful Rustic Oak Living Room Furniture range has coffee tables, sofa beds, centre tables, Bookcases, Lamp Tables, TV stands, Sideboards etc. High quality and ultimate look of this range brings a simple rustic elegance and warmth to any type of living room.

How to Care Rustic Oak Furniture

Regular care will help maintain your furniture’s finish and ensure that it looks great and elegant year after year. Here are some guide lines which can help you to extend the life of your furniture:

– Always use a polish moistened cloth for dusting.

– Avoid coarse or scratchy materials or fabrics.

– Never use soap and water on furniture surface.

– Arrange furniture out of direct sunlight.

– Use protective pads under hot dishes.

– Try to keep humidity as constant as possible.

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Cyprus Luxury Furniture First To Offer Furniture Finance For Uk Buyers In Cyprus

Mark Sykes and Simon Gawthorpe, founding directors of Cyprus Luxury Furniture Packs are always looking for ways to make furnishing properties in Cyprus easier for their customers. Their latest offering is low rate finance (subject to status) on all furniture and related packages. This includes everything youll need to make your Cyprus property ready to live in or rent out such as; Furniture, electricals, cutlery, crockery, linen, dcor and outdoor furniture.

Simon commented Buying furniture for an apartment or villa in Cyprus can be expensive and time consuming so anything that makes the cost easier to bear has to be good, particularly in the current financial climate.

The business was started as a result of the directors being property investors. Wed been buying property in Cyprus for the last 9 years and over that time we had tried every way possible to get our properties furnished how wed like them. This meant sourcing stylish furniture, durable enough to withstand year round use from people renting their properties but at a reasonable price.

Mark went on to explain The obvious choice was to deal with the local furniture suppliers, however most of their stock is aimed at the domestic market and is quite old fashioned pine furniture, which doesnt really look right in a modern apartment or villa. In particular it doesnt really hold much appeal for people looking to rent your property out. Also its very expensive, I guess due to the lack of competition on the island. Next up we decided to bring our own furniture from the UK, this was costly on a small scale and the paper work and customs procedures were quite daunting, in all this did give us the furniture we wanted, but it was such hard work and took most of my holiday allocation for that year.

After furnishing our own properties we started to get enquiries from developers and other investors asking where we got our furniture from. They were in the same position, they didnt want to spend a lot of money on the wrong furniture, but they didnt fancy the hassle of doing the job themselves either. We did some rough calculations and realised if we could get enough interest to fill a 40ft container the shipping cost and effort might be viable

Weve been fortunate enough to secure the same suppliers as used by many of the mid to top end furniture retailers in the UK. Except because we buy in bulk and sell to our customers at somewhere between trade and retail we can also absorb the shipping and installation costs making us exceptional value for money. With the addition of finance we are hoping to be able to help UK investors spread the cost of furnishing their properties while still benefiting from our low prices and fully inclusive service.


The Importance Of The Bs5852 British Standard For Contract Furniture

It is important for anyone who hopes to sell contract furniture in the UK to become familiar with the new British standard for fire safety in contract furniture fabrics, BS5852. The consequences of not being up to date with this new standard could be catastrophic for anyone who makes and sells contract furniture or if you are a supplier of contract furniture to various institutions here and abroad. By not having your furniture up to code, you could get through an entire order and be ready to deliver only to have your furniture rejected at the governmental level which would be a financial disaster for your business.

So before you even bid on any UK contract furniture business, be sure your manufacturing and design people are well aware of the BS5852 standard and that steps are made to bring your new contract furniture up to code. If you have already completed this step, be sure you alter the tagging that goes with each piece of furniture so the fact that you do produce furniture pieces that conform to the BS5852 fire safety standard is prominently displayed. This is your best bet that your furniture will live up to any bid that will take that furniture to a British destination.

Of course, who of us could dispute the need for setting a high bar for fire safety standards as the British have done with the BS5852 regulations? In an urban setting, the need to do all we can to limit the flammability of institutional furniture cannot be overemphasized. Since so many of your contract furniture sales will go to hotels which means your furniture will fill literally thousands of hotel rooms, making sure your manufacturing standards meet or exceed the BS5852 standard are not just a matter of obeying the law so you can keep selling in the UK markets. It is a matter of the safety of families who use your furniture all over the world.

But the impact of the BS5852 standard goes further than just to those who must make sure furniture conforms at the manufacturing level. It is also important for suppliers, distributors and even buying agents who are looking to acquire good contract furniture for a large scale institutional setting. If you are not aware of the need to comply with this standard, it would be very easy to sell to a customer goods could be put to use because they were not in compliance with fire safety code. While you may be able to avoid financial liability if you are the supplier or distributor because the person responsible for the contract did not know about or specify that the furniture be up to code, if you do that, you risk losing the customer for repeat sales and losing your reputation for honest business dealings which can have a devastating financial impact for you long term.

A better approach would be for you to get a copy of the BS5852 British fire safety standard and get to know it well. Then if you are placing a bid for a large contract furniture job, you can be the one vendor to inform the customer of the need to buy furniture that is up to that fire safety standard or risk seeing the installation be mired in legalities and generate tremendous costs fixing the problem.

If you alert the customer at the bid level, you can be a big hero to that customer which gives you a leg up on winning the contract. Then if you sell only BS5852 compliant contract furniture, you can close the deal before it even goes to general bid because you knew about the need to comply with this important law and you were in step with the regulations. In that way, you take what could have been a negative in trying to live within the BS5852 regulation and you turn it into a positive for your ability to sell contract furniture in the UK markets. That is a smart way to turn the BS5852 standard to your advantage.